Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two things that NEVER should be combined

42-year old Greg Maddux.

Padres alternate home jersey...camo gold, for lack of a better description.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Is this thing on?

I hardly even know what to write, only that I felt the need to this space, since nothing had been written here in over a year now.

There's going to be naught but crickets to greet these words, I'm sure (and inattentive crickets at that...they always give me the cold shoulder, the bastards), but one doesn't jump on a bike pedaling madly after not riding one in a long time, does one? Well, at least not if one doesn't desire finding oneself sailing over the handlbars face first.

Not that that's ever happened to me, but I'm just saying.

I'm still watching the Giants, but with only one eye -- you know, in case I'm accidentally blinded by the absolute lack of offense, I'd still be able to sport an eye patch and make friends with parrots. And grog...I'd be able to drink grog.

Sometimes I think the Giants are wearing eyepatches and drunk off of grog when they are in the batter's box.

Well, check that. If anyone's drunk, it is I. Not only am I still a loyal Giants fan, but I still have my sadistic fascination with the Royals, too (that particular disease is about to hit the 30 year mark). I am eagerly awaiting football season, because that will mean I can let the 49ers struggles override the Giants and Royals which point I'll be eagerly awaiting basketball season, so I can let the Warriors...well, you get the idea.

The Bay Area is not a place to plant postseason seeds in hopes they will grow to bear championship fruit. You'd think between the Sharks, Giants, A's, Warriors, 49ers and Raiders it wouldn't take 14+ years to bring some kind of title here, would it?

1994 49ers? I mean, I'm shooting in the dark with a blindfold on, but isn't that the last Bay Area professional franchise to win a title? And yes, I'm excluding the Sabercats. On purpose. While arena football is indeed a professional sport, whenever there's a league that plays a similar sport that everyone in your league would run naked through a swarm of bees to play in, it's a bit hard to give San Jose's Arenabowl titles enough legitimacy to make a difference.

Besides, I don't exactly see San Jose in the running for Titletown, U.S.A., either.

Rant and ramble officially over. The crickets, I'm sure, would normally hold their breath until my next entry, but they saw a moldy chunk of bread and had to go. Shame 'bout that.