Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yeah, that'd be about right...

So, Brian Sabean managed to find a way to dump Edgardo Alfonzo, not save any money by doing so, and managed to make the team older, all in one fell swoop?

Yeah, that'd be about right.

I like saying "Steve Finley, 4th outfielder" about as much as I like saying, "Edgardo Alfonzo, 3rd baseman". Which is to say, not at all. But oddly enough, I feel better. I mean, if Sabes wants to pay his 4th outfielder more than his starting centerfielder and his starting right fielder, more power to the guy.

Hey, does anyone think that he even looks at any free agents under the age of 30? Sorry, rhetorical question.

It'll take me a bit to digest all this, at which point I'll try to address the issue of whether or not the Giants are significantly better with all the moves they've made this offseason. Offhand I think they're better, but significantly better is the part that worries me. I mean, if you just put the names side by side...

Brett Tomko/Matt Morris
Scott Eyre/Tim Worrell
LaTroy Hawkins/Steve Kline
Edgardo Alfonzo/Steve Finley
J.T. Snow/Mark Sweeney

Let's really think about that. If you want to say the names on the right constitute a significant upgrade, I'm fine with that -- but I'll talk about you behind the front of your back when you're not looking in a mirror. Or something.

Hm. That list is just beggin' for some good ol' fashioned new-fangled statistical a-nalysis, which I just ain't got the time to do at the moment. But, I'm guessing if y'all didn't feel like waiting, you could mosey on over to that thar sidebar and find some folks who might have an extra minute or three to have done it.

Otherwise, gimme 7-10 business days.


Anonymous said...

Brett Tomko/Matt Morris
Scott Eyre/Tim Worrell
LaTroy Hawkins/Steve Kline
Edgardo Alfonzo/Steve Finley
J.T. Snow/Mark Sweeney

after really looking at that swap... i almost made myself puke... just to get the horrible taste out of my mouth. The worst part is the dodgers picked up tomko for what like 9 million for two seasons. Great we get Matt fuckin Morris for 9 million a year for 3 yearss an Ned Colletti collects a servicable starter for 2 years at 8.7 mil...
Not like this has been free agent heaven this offseason, but fuck, when your 3 major signings are morris, worrell and sweeney... you have to think sub 500 year again.

on a brighter note, the giants are coming to seattle sometime in June... so hopefully i will get to see Cain v king felix. That right there would make me fuckin whole year of baseball


Anonymous said...

AGE in ‘06 –Career ERA- Career WHIP
Tomko 33 – 4.52 – 1.361/ Morris 32 – 3.61 – 1.268
Eyre 34- 4.52 – 1.527/ Worrell 39- 3.89 – 1.357
Hawkins 33 – 4.77 – 1.477 / Kline 33 – 3.40 – 1.349

Age in ’06 – Career OPS - HR/AB
Alfonzo 32 - .788 – 36.3/ Finley 41 - .781 – 29.9
Snow 38 - .785 – 29.6 / Sweeney 36 - .760 – 38.7

Yeah, we're better...and not. Personally, I would prefer Eric Byrnes to Finley, he may be a righty but he has fire and upside, while Finley has nothing but downside.

With the lateral moves BS has made, the keys will be Bonds' health, Winn to maintain career averages cause he can't duplicate what he did last year, Pedro and Niekro putting together good seasons, and the black hole that is Matheny's bat.

The staff should be fine, if Schmidt rebounds even a little, Lowry lasts a whole season, Cain emerges, and Hennesey can breakout.

The bullpen will be solid. And the fans will wear orange on Fridays. Kruk and Kuip will maintain as the best broadcasters in their price range.

At this point, would it be out of the question to bring Two-Four out of retirement and slap a uni on him?