Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cloud, Dark...Lining, Silver

As the Giants were the toast of the town yet again -- in Denver -- with a 3-5 loss to the Rockies, I was winding down my work day. Coming home at around 9:00p.m., I got a wild hair and decided to call into KNBR for what would be the 2nd time in my entire life.

See, I don't normally do too much talk radio. I usually find that whomever the host of whatever show is on misses a lot of points on whatever team he's covering, and over-emphasizes many other points for the sake of all that time the poor guy's got to fill with talk. Also, I think at least 2/3rds of the people that call into the shows to make a comment aren't worth my time to listen to -- a few "Yeah, man, they gotta do better 'n stuff"s and a couple "see, they never shoulda traded whozizface back in 2002"s, I become impatient.

So, after listening to host Damon Bruce for a bit, he had a caller that was venting about wanting a six or eight-game winning streak, or something.

Ding! Light, chimes...several small, annoying (yet attention-grabbing) devices went off in my brain, letting me know this was a chance to inform, what with my obsession...yes, I admit it...with wanting the Giants to have a single four-game winning streak this year, which they have yet to do.

So, I called, got an answer immediately by the staff, told them want I wanted to say, and waited about 10 minutes (I ended up catching one of those incredibly long commercial breaks). After the wait, I got on and talked with Bruce for about two or three minutes about the lack of even a four-game winning streak (which, of course, astonished him), the lack of offense, and the lack of options Brian Sabean had to fix the lack of offense. We chatted a bit about the NL West in general, too, and by the time we were done, he told me I was informative, but sounded depressed.

And he offered me tickets. And I graciously accepted the tickets. (and you will never hear a bad word out of my mouth about Damon Bruce)

So, courtesy of KNBR, I (along with Pops) am going to the July 17th game, where the Giants will be hosting the Brewers, and probably scoring something less than five runs in eight or nine innings of play.



PEFACommish said...

Of course you're informative, Daniel. You're writing a daily blog about the Giants, and probably know 6.5 times as much as Gomer Pyle about them. And after watching them this season, how could you NOT be depressed?

Free tickets for a good call? Not a bad deal. Don't forget to pay income tax on the value. And hopefully you won't be up in the left field cloud seats, where you'll be closer to Mars than to home plate.

Anonymous said...

Nice Dan, free tickets to see the brew crew... not all bad


Daniel said...

Thanks, guys. Looking like I'll be in section 136, which I believe should be on the first level on the 3rd base side, a ways down. Last time I was over there, I was under the 2nd deck at a night game where it was drizzling.

Sounds cool, but after about the 5th inning I realized the lemonade guy didn't come to that section, and threw a hissy-cow. I will have lemonade this time, I vow.