Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've least, in the internet sense

I've moved here: Orange & Black Baseball

I wanted to start fresh...which is, of course, why I gave the new blog exactly the same name as this one. Ahem.

In any case, it'll be the same general idea -- mediocre baseball analysis mixed-in with corny jokes and gratuitous use of ellipses.



Andrew said...

Hey Daniel, nice to see you back (It's Andrew from the Small Ball blog from a few years back). I've been thinking of you a lot now that the Royals are doing a little somethin' somethin'. Are you excited for their prospects over the next couple of years? Please plan to post lots and lots of humorous nonsense...I've missed it.

Daniel said...

Hey Andrew! How the heck have you been? Hope you're still writing in some kind of capacity...if not, well, just give me the word, I'm sure there's room for a guest column or three at the new spot. =)

But yes...hard to get excited about the Royals prospects while they're still prospects. Alex Gordon's fortunes are enough to temper that. Yet still, while I know it won't be this year, I can't help but think perhaps 2012 and 2013 could be special, and we may even catch a glimpse of it this the midst of watching the Royals lose 95-100 games. The prospects they have ready to go are mostly offensive...they need a lot of help (say, 4 or 5 starters) for the rotation.

Andrew said...

This will boggle. I now live in New Zealand. Not the planet, the country on Earth.

I'm sitting in a lodge in the jungle above Karekare Beach, one of the most unspoiled "popular" places in the Auckland region, and I'm watching an archived version of the Texas/KC game from today (yesterday in U.S. parlance). Michael Young is on my fantasy baseball team and he sort of sucks so far (and did last year, even though fantasy pundits constantly say to keep him, so I obey because I'm soft that way).

Anyway, I like a mutually high-scoring game, and 8-7 Texas sounded like a good way to see the mettle of the new and improved KC offense, which I haven't really paid any attention to because, well, it's KC, minus the intervening F, which means no trans-fat chicken by-products.

I keep switching back and forth between the awful Texas broadcasters and the not-so-awful KC broadcasters, trying to see who can more gracefully tell a game's tale. Jeff Francoeur, my old buddy from Atlanta, who never really did much for them but be a great outfielder-cum-rookie-strikeout-machine, just hit a home run. Go Royals! Game tied, top of the 4th 1-1.

Texas' CJ Wilson is a very good young pitcher. Perhaps the Royals will one day get guys like him to complete their contention equation?

Daniel said...

WHOA...New Zealand? Wow, globetrotter! And I bet you're happy about Michael Young now, huh?

The Royals are waiting on pitching prospects to help their horrible rotation, but they won't rush them because of concerns over starting their ML service time, and thus getting to salary arbitration earlier in their careers. However, if they continue to contend, I'm sure those prospects (there are two highly touted pitching prospects) will be up some time in June to try and help the big club.

Time will tell! In the meantime, I'll keep half an eye on your Cubbies, too...their division is wide-open right now.

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