Monday, October 17, 2005

Quick Note

Just saying hello to everyone, and that my reason for abusing the blog is really just a time issue. I've been attempting to change jobs for a while, but it's picked up in the last couple of weeks with a couple of interviews, 2nd interviews, and those lovely assessment tests.

Assessment tests, you ask? Well, you know, they're like psyche tests -- you answer 350 multiple choice questions, many of which ask you the same general question as a bunch of other questions, only worded differently. For example:
  1. I have no problem speaking in front of a large group of people.

A) Agree, B) ?, C) Disagree

50. I was always shy as a child.

A) Agree, B) ?, C) Disagree

147. I don't have any reservations in speaking to a total stranger.

A) Agree, B) ?, C) Disagree

You know, something like that. I took two tests on Thursday, the first of which actually was about 360 questions long and multiple choice, and the second of which was about 150 questions long and true/false. I told my interviewer that if they offer me the job, I'll consult them before making my decision, because after reviewing those tests they'll know more about me than I do myself.

So, in any case, these things have left me feeling a little down on writing on a daily basis, hence the 11-day gap between entries. While I'm not going to do anything everyday until at least after the new year begins (and the winter meetings have finished and some new things are happening), I do at least want to do a couple/few per week.

As far as the playoff races least the Yankees are out of it, but the White Sox are still around, and now have a chance to win a World Series, which'll probably make me vomit as soon as the final out is recorded...check that, I'll vomit if they even come within one game of winning it.

With Houston up three games to one, it looks like they're my only hope of not chalking up 2005 as one of my worst baseball season ever as a fan. Both the Giants and Royals were poor (the Royals being absolutely horrible) and...the White Sox as World Series champs?

Let me just stick hot pokers in my eyes now, rather than endure that pain later.


TJW said...

good luck man. i just went through 8 months of that job search shit and it was awful. But luck came my way and now i work at microsoft (OVERT SARCASM)

nothing like a soulcrushing job at the worlds biggest jeans and tshirt corporation to make you feel like an ant

Lyle said...

Daniel, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog after discovering it this summer. Keep writing! And best of luck with the job search effort.
I'm glad the ChiSox are in the World Series - here's hoping AJ has an opportunity to do something stupid on a national stage.

Daniel said...

Thanks, TJW. Eight months is a while and a half, man. I don't want to go that long, but you're a tough bastard to stick it out and...luck...into the Microsoft job.

Thanks to you, too, Lyle, but I can't get with the ChiSox sentiments -- Murphy's Law dictates that AJ will throw up a WS line of .418/.465/.672 just because it'll piss off every Giants fan still on this Earth...and cause all deceased Giants fans to roll over in their graves.