Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So, I'm act like that's bad or something.

Just dropping in to say I'll be doing some heavy-duty stuff over this weekend, as I have Friday through Sunday off. What kind of heavy-duty stuff, you ask?

The kind that tries to figure out which free-agent starting pitcher the Giants should go for (since from all I've heard, it seems Brett Tomko definitely ain't coming back), and tries to figure out how next year lineup should be contructed, since it looks like the team will largely remain intact as far as position players.

I'd also like to extend a tip of my cap to Joe Giovannetti over at Giants Cove for plugging a couple of pieces of work I did on Randy Winn and Brett Tomko on one of his pieces on the site.

It also seems congratulations are in order, as a sports website called Deadspin has ranked the top three Giants blogs, and Joe and Nick Cannata-Bowman took 2nd -- just in front of Grant at McCovey Chronicles, and just behind John Perricone over at Only Baseball Matters. If I had my druthers (normally I do have them, but I lost my druthers just the other day -- I blame the hole in my pants pocket), I would have found a way to include Lefty and Anthony, but last I checked I wasn't the one who put that article together for Deadspin. Plus, putting together an article on the top three Giants blogs while including five probably isn't the best way to do things.

But I'd have done it anyway.

And oddly, I didn't get a mention as the best Giants blog whose writer also like the Kansas City Royals, which ought to have come up somewhere. I mean, where's my sympathy vote? It's all rigged, I tell ya.

BTW, Deadspin also ranked the top three Royals blogs, however, either it wasn't the same writer as the one who ranked the Giants blogs, or it was the same writer and he suffered a brief fit of stupidity. None of my favorites were on his list, and one of the ones on his list was Rob Neyer's site, which is in no way a Royals blog -- Neyer and Rany Jayzareli exchange e-mails about the club about twice a month and put it on the site, which doesn't, to me, qualify it for anything. I also disagree with his selection for first place (kind of like a nuclear bomb disagrees with all life surrounding its blast), but I won't mention any names or reasons -- ambiguity is the word for today, boys and girls.

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