Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Biggest, Little Boring City in the World

Reno. Boring.

Was there for four days, and the most exciting time I spent up there was the time training for my new job -- looking at instructional videos, taking little mini-quizzes on the training modules I studied, and getting to know some of the products we sell.

What about gambling, you ask? Well, I gamble down here enough, thanks. Slots have always bored me to tears, and I've never been into roulette, craps, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, Keno, etc., etc., etc.

Of course, being pretty much broke could have influenced my feelings about gambling on this little trip. I would've at least played some blackjack, but I know better than that.

No, just waking up, going to work/training, eating lunch, finishing work/training, going back to the hotel, eating dinner, and going back to the room to read a book or study.

In any case, that's a large part of the reason posting has been non-existent this past week, so hopefully that ought to change a bit in the next day or three. I'll throw in my two cents on Ned Colletti's hiring by the Dodgers in a couple/few days, although I will tell you that his defection doesn't exactly evoke strong emotions in me on way or another.

'Til then...

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Pops said...

Don't worry about Ned Colletti. Baseball itself has been telling us "it's a business" for years, and this situation is extremely common in business. In the 1st place, everybody knows the Giants problems. 2nd, everybody knows what choices the Giants have in the free agent market. 3rd, everybody else has the exact same choices already. Finally, Thomas Edison had an assistant named Watson, who knew everything Edison did. Think Watson could have invented the light bulb? Unlikely Ned will turn into another Brian Sabean.