Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Busy, not dead

Working six days a week sucks. Another ground-breaking revelation I've had is that it is very dark at night.

Wisdom just oozes from my very pores, I tell you.

My new job is going fine, but the commute I've picked up along with it is free-time prohibitive, to say the least. My eight-to-ten hour workdays have been puncuated on either end by an hour and a half worth of travel by truck, bus, and BART train (and about two blocks worth of walking, too).

Working in downtown San Francisco has its perks and is a nice experience, but I cannot wait until January when I will be working in a different location. If my commute was something like 30 minutes each way, I'd be fine with it. As it stands now...


All of this means, of course, that the precious little free time I've had has not been spent here or on my Warriors site (which was a decent enough idea, but ended up being poorly timed). But, not gone, and not considering stopping writing, but I am for all intents and purposes simply too busy at the moment to do more than one entry per week.

So for those who still are visiting, thanks, and bear with me through the next month or so.


Anonymous said...

where you workin man. I have an hour commute from seattle proper out to redmond... fuckin traffic is unbeleviable. Sometimes i just swerve uncontrollably at other cars to see people looked scared in order to make the drive go by faster.

its an idea, you should try it


Daniel said...

I commute to San Francisco everyday from about 35 miles out, which might as well be 100 miles some days. It's taking me 45-50 minutes just to get to a place that's 20 miles away, so I can get on a train that'll take another 30 minutes to get to where I need to go, so I can walk a few minutes and a couple of blocks to get to Brookstone, the retail gift shop that employs my sorry ass currently.

Job's not bad so far, so we'll see how it goes. The commute's the only thing that bites the big one right now. 2 1/2 to 3 hours in transit while working anywhere from 9 to 11 hours already isn't my idea of paradise. But it'll calm down after the Christmas season, so I'll re-assess after that.

Take care, TJW.

Daniel said...

Oh yeah, the swerving thing -- ah, I think I'll pass. I'd try to do it, and then end up actually hitting some poor SOB who doesn't have insurance and doesn't speak any English. Trust me on that.

Pops said...

Or miss the swerve but it happened to be a driver who really just wanted to see the look on your face when he shoots at you...

Daniel said...

...thanks, Pops. You found the one way to make my dark outlook on things even darker. Indeed, there can be no doubt that we are of one flesh and blood.