Wednesday, February 08, 2006

99 most desirable women...well, kinda has put up its list of the top 99 most desirable women. know, this is just one of those lists that just begs to be argued against at various points, but I agree with their #1 pick -- Jessica Alba. The funny thing about these lists is, she was #78 last year...did she undergo some sort of genetic enhancement that I am as yet unaware of? If she's numero uno this year, that means she was #1 last year and they just ranked her incorrectly.

Number Two is a mystifying Sienna Miller. If you're going, "Sienna Who?", then you understand my mystification. She's not bad looking, sure (although not my type), but she: 1) isn't a bombshell by any means, 2) doesn't have a voluptuous body to make up for the lack of looks, and 3) is probably best known as Jude Law's fiancee (according to the site), who apparently didn't think she was all that hot himself because he's already had an affair before they've even gotten married. Great job there, fellas. Spot on with your number two pick -- she actually rose more ranks than Alba did, going from #86 to #2.

Just for perspective, good ol' Anna Kournikova is barely hanging on, coming in at No. 99. Did her last birthday bring her to 70 years old or something? No, she's 24, and she's also 187.564 times hotter than Sienna Miller, period, no matter how little or how much spotlight either of them get.

You know, there's a little more commentary that I would throw up on this, only the...uh, men... at are morons. The only way to surf their list if you, say, don't have all the rankings memorized, is There's no master list, no way to search out a particular name to find out a woman's respective ranking more quickly. You can skip 10 at a time, but it brings you to a particular woman's page (at ranking #10, 20, get the idea), and the other nine ranked women on the page are just the numbers representing the ranks -- no names attached, so you can see the number five for the fifth ranking, but you haven't any idea who it is unless you click on the link.

Sure, it keeps the drama bubbling for a second or two, but then it just becomes tedious. I went through the whole ranking once, kind of semi-noting my favorites (Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Leeann Tweeden, Kate Beckinsale), but when I go to write a word or three about the list, I find I'd have to randomly search around the ranking number that I think a particular woman was at to find the page again.

Great job at either being stupid, or being lazy.


Anonymous said...

Finally, an important discussion on a Giants blog!

I gave up when I got to number 89. I don't know what 88 women they think are more attractive than Tyra Banks, or why she is 50 places less hot than last year, but it doesn't matter, what with the authors smoking crack and eating psychedelic mushrooms and all.

Didn't Jessica Alba go blonde last year? I've never understood the whole blonde asian fetish, but I suspect that might be part of it. Oh yeah, and the Sue Storm fetish plus an underwear scene in Fantastic Four couldn't have hurt. I think she looks much better with dark hair, but she has a nice public personality, and I suspect the added "exposure" in FF and Sin City really woke everyone up to her.

Daniel said...

Sin City was a huge part of it, I think. I can remember when I saw that movie, and Alba was wearing that outfit...


.........I'm sorry, what was I saying?

Oh, and by the way, I do nothing but important discussions like this one all the time. You won't find me shying away from the hard-hitting, intellectual topics. Not me. No-o-o-o brother.