Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can I have change for a dollar? Yes, two 20's and a 10 would be fine...

In honor of pitcher's and catcher's reporting today, I went out and smelled some grass.

Take that how you will.

In other news, Randy Winn was selected to represent the U.S. in the World Baseball Classic. The article spends most of it's time talking about Winn's scorching September last year.

Hm. Could that be because the rest of Winn's career isn't all that much to look at, and that his selection shows how few choices they must have had? I mean, I like Winn, like his hustle, loved his couple of months with the Giants last year, and hope he repeats that performance in 2006, but...

World Baseball Classic? Randy Winn, representing the U.S.? There wasn't anyone better? But yeah, you gotta love that September of 2005 Winn had...boy, that was some September. Did you know he was Player of the Month in the NL last September?

I've had a few months before where I've helped out some people with counseling, loaning money, doing favors -- you name it, I was there for people.

Was I cheated out of my Nobel Peace Prize, or what?

I really shouldn't be that bothered by this, but I hate adding two and two and coming up with 516,238.

Take that how you will.


Anonymous said...

Jose Cruz Jr.

Remember him? First half, terror of the league. Second half, just terrible.

I think Winn is a better hitter (ie less striking out) than Hose. BUT he just hasn't been that kind of a dominating player before, and I suspect that whatever got him out in the AL will be getting him out in the NL by the end of Spring Training.

Now, I like him a lot and I am a believer in the power of the change of scenery. He really lit a fire under the team and he is a real asset in the field, particularly if he ends up in RF where he can range into the great big hole in deep deep RF. If Finley is healthy I think that Finley in CF and Winn in RF gives a better-defensed OF than we've seen in a long time. Especially if 25 is on the bench in a particular game, but even then Finley can cheat into left and Winn can cover the ground in RF.

So here's to him not tearing up his knee in the Bud Selig Memorial Tourney.


Daniel said...

I'm willing to find a happy middle ground in regards to my regards for Winn's ability (whereas just after the trade I was in an unhappy middle ground, I guess), but I'm not willing to skip the middle ground completely, which is what the little article seemed to want to do by over-hyping Winn's September of 2005. Winn's a decent player -- not bad, good, gets the job done, whatever -- but he isn't really a "World Baseball Classic" level player, in my mind.

Thanks for stopping by, BB.