Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I was trying to figure out, a bit before I wrote this, whether my desire to write...something...here was stronger than my desire to write that single word of finality to drive home the last nail in the Giants' coffin for the season. Both were pretty strong desires, as I haven't written anything in a week and a half (sorry, for those who care), and I've been waiting for the moment to come where I could, at last, give up on the team.

But, oddly, a oh-so tiny seed of joy has crept it's way into my brain, and found the soil there just fertile enough to extend its roots -- the Giants finally designated Jose Vizcain'to for assignment yesterday, recalling Kevin Frandsen from Fresno.

Thus ends the Let's Waive Goodbye to Jose Vizcaino Count-Up, which began on May 23rd, and should've ended on May 24th...instead ending on August 14th, 83 days after its inception. A few of you noticed I stopped updating it around day #45, because it became too depressing -- every time I updated it, I was reminding myself that he was still on the team, breathing and stuff.

All in all, the Giants wasted 135 plate appearances on him. I am not certain how much time I wasted watching him, but it was a little bit more than Too Much.

Here's something to think about: if Ray Durham keeps up his current pace in both offensive production and playing time, he'll end up around 135 games played and a little over 500 plate appearances. Do the Giants re-sign him? Do they even attempt to re-sign him? If not, what do they do for a 2nd baseman?


D.A. Humber said...

Hey, I'm a reader from Toronto, and I have kinda a stupid question but whatever. I was wondering if Vinny Chulk still uses his ridiculous warmup music he used while he was with the Jays, that being "Down with my N*****' by Snoop Dogg and Master P. All my buddies and I always thought it was hilarious when Chulk would come into the game and have this song playing.

Just wonderin'! Cool site, btw!

Daniel said...

I haven't heard it yet, but then I've only been able to catch about three of Chulk's appearances.

Snoop Dogg and Master P? I mean, far be it from me to judge, but it just doesn't look like Chulk rolled that way. He looks more like he'd be into something like Nickelback or Creed...

Jefferson said...

I like Ray Durham quite a bit, and he's done yeoman's work at the plate this season, but I think we should let him walk. He turns 35 in November, and very few middle infielders age gracefully. He's likely to get a much larger contract than he'll be worth.

Luigino said...

Frandsen is the future at second base barring any unforseen off-season deals. This team has to start rebuildin... SOON

PEFACommish said...

Durham's got a great contract drive going, not quite Beltre-like, but pretty darn good.

That said, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on Brian Sabean. How could anyone paying attention these past four years want him back?

The Giants are going to have one thing next year: money. Take a bunch of it and buy Soriano, and stick him at 2nd base. Then take the rest of the money to buy nice little pieces to surround him.