Tuesday, May 23, 2006

That's it, now I'm just plain pissed

So, in addition to the absolute lack of any offensive skill whatsoever besides the occasion ability to luck into a base hit, we now find out that Jose Vizcaino can't even field the position that he shouldn't be playing.

This is past silly, it's embarrassing. Vizcaino's two errors in the 8-5 loss to the Cardinals Tuesday ended up costing the Giants three unearned runs -- and, gee, wouldja lookie there, the Giants lost by exactly that margin.

I understand letting a player play through his cold streaks and bad spells when he is either: 1) highly paid, b) a star player, or c) the team's best option. But Vizcaino is none of those things, so the team's patience with his struggles and willingness to find him a spot in the lineup is baffling. While Mark Sweeney's splits vs. left-handed pitching aren't exactly encouraging (he doesn't have a hit in 11 plate appearances vs. lefties this season), I think he's made enough contribution to the club overall to warrant extra playing time in front of Vizcaino.

In fact, were I Sweeney looking at Vizcaino's body of work this season, I'd consider it an insult to have Vizcaino play in front of me.

So, as I usually do when something is going on that I want to end, I'm going to start the Let's Waive Goodbye to Vizcaino Count-Up. This will work similarly to count-up some of you may remember from last season: The Count-Up of How Many Days Late Brian Sabean is in Letting That Useless Hunk of Protoplasm Alex Sanchez Go.

The difference between a countdown and a count-up is simple (at least, the way I'm defining it). A countdown counts down to when an event begins or starts, and my count-ups count the time from when something should have begun or started.

So the Let's Waive Goodbye to Jose Vizcaino Count-Up will begin on Thursday, May 25th, as that is the day after the day Vizcaino should've been waived. As this won't actually happen on Wednesday like it should, the count-up will start at one on Thursday and count up the days since the mistake was committed. And, just to ratchet up the brutality, I'll also count up the number of plate appearances the Giants have wasted on him.

If you think I'm a bit obsessed with this, well, you're right. Very astute of you to notice.


Andrew said...

Daniel, Vizcaino didn't play today (game 3), and both Vizquel and Winn demonstrated why they're soooooooo important to the Giants right now. Can you point me to any distinguished reference material that articulately addresses the issue that Scott Munter sucks?

Daniel said...

Heh. Munter is a special case. He's so poor, he doesn't even need any reference material to adequately show how poor he is.

I honestly expect Sabean to make a move on Munter within the next day or so. Really, I do.

Big D said...

Munter and Ortmeier are gone but Vizcaino remains. Thanks for another great post, which I've linked to on www.giantswin.blogspot.com

Daniel said...

You are welcome, Big D. Thanks for stopping by.