Wednesday, May 17, 2006

(There's a dagger) Deep in the Heart of Texas

You got your Barry Bonds Beaning (tm), and we got our three game Absolute Astro Annihilation (tm).

To Houston fans, apparently, that's an even trade. For me, after laughing to the point of tears, I disagree. I'll take the small bruise on Bonds' back and the sweep, thanks. Perhaps Astro fans should be more concerned with the fact that their entire team's scoring from the series was matched by Pedro the very first game of the series (5 to 5).

The incident will loom larger than the meaning of this series for the Giants, but it shouldn't -- several players seem to be taking a healthy dose of Get Right in pushing the team back above .500 (along with...gasp!...the rest of the NL West):
  • Matt Morris, more than anyone else got up so he could get down and funky...alright, corny as that line was, it has the vague vestiges of truth ingrained -- he used his defense and held down the Astros in that lovely little launching pad that they call a stadium. A game Morris sorely needed, and it came at exactly the right time.
  • Ray Durham showed us why we're glad neither Jose Vizcaino or Kevin Frandsen is starting at 2nd base -- he can hit. Durham's got a pretty drastic difference thus far in his splits, what with him killing lefty pitchers in limited plate appearances and struggling against righties. Normally he is more productive hitting right-handed, but this year it's been night and day.
  • I said a day or so ago I'd leave Pedro Feliz alone since he had righted his ship, but I think I take that back. He got hot right around the time I was talking bad about him and is slugging .900 in his last seven games. Yes, because Feliz reads my blog and took my comments personally, that is why he is hitting Yep. Makes sense. Oh, and he's suddenly 6th in the NL in RBI, too. That'll get Joe Morgan's blood a-flowin', yeah.

So now we come to the really interesting stuff -- interleague. While it was widely speculated that it'd be much better for Bonds to hit #714 at home, I can't help but think him hitting it in Oakland wouldn't be too bad of an alternative.

I'm going to predict it happens on Friday, on Bonds' 1st at bat. Remember where you heard it first...unless it doesn't happen. Then, don't remember anything I just said about it. Forget my name, and tell people you don't know me.


Big D said...

Great post, Daniel. If you're wrong about your HR 714 prediction, I promise not to hold it against you.

Daniel said...

Thanks, Big D, for the compliment and for not holding anything against me.

Funniest thing is, I actually believe I'm going to be right. You could call it women's intuition if it weren't for the fact that I'm neither a woman nor have any intuition whatsoever.