Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It just hit me...

I'm late.

I can imagine the rest of you laughing at me, as undoubtedly most of the rest of you have had no issues with this. What's this, you query?

Seven. Four. Teen.

I've been anticipating it, sure. I've known for a while I want to see it pretty badly, and I'm so glad I'm able to watch most of tonight's game and have the next couple o' days off to make certain I can watch both games.

But, it really didn't hit me exactly what I'm watching unfold until it darn near happened.

In the 5th inning, Barry Bonds hit a deep fly ball into centerfield causing flashbulbs to go off by the thousands, and 40,000 people watch the flight of that ball in perfect unison. It had the right crack, the right distance, the right height...

...but, unfortunately, the wrong person playing defense. Juan Pierre caught the ball about 6 inches above the fence and hauled it back from history. Shame 'bout that.

Honestly, it would've been a bit of a funky one, barely clearing the fence. Remember Mark McGwire's 62nd home run in '98? It was a laser, and out of the park so quickly it was hard to get your bearings before you realized what you were seeing. While Bonds' blast in that 5th inning was home run worthy, it just wouldn't have quite fit the magnitude of the moment, the man, and all of the things that have surrounded both these past months.

I'm thinking splash hit, personally...put it out there in the Cove to put a stamp on the whole thing. Plus, it'll be worth it just to: 1) see the watercraft make the mad dash towards it, and 2) save us from that silly situation with home run #73 in 2001.

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