Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Division winner? Heck, I dunno. Thundercats, however, I do know.

I haven't a clue.

Who, in the name of Snarf, is going to win this division?

While the Giants do seem to possess the ability to come back again and again like Mumm-ra, the Ever Living, they have a plethora of evil henchmen within their division to overcome.

They do not have the speed of Cheetara. With Barry Bonds still struggling and Moises Alou on the shelf, they do not have the power of Panthro. The guile of their manager, Father Alou, is not thought to be the equal of Tygra. So how are they to defend AT&T Lair and bring the battle to enemy territory?

It's plain the team needs their Hero, Bonds, to step up. They need him to wield his weapon even though he not in the fullness of his powers. Although I think the division will stay within reach of any team close to .500, I'm sure the Giants will need Bonds' production to put them over the top.

This is what happens when you give a goofball a blog, let him write whatever he wants...and then someone lets fly with a stray Thundercats reference during the day. The results should be predictable.


Andrew said...

Oh, my garsh, I can't believe you pulled the Thundercats out of mothballs. My estimation of you just rose about fifteen points.

Daniel said...

Fifteen points? That's all? Did you carry the one and divide by pi first? How many more points do I get if I do this...

Thunder. Thunder! THUNDER!

THUN...oh, forget it.

Anonymous said...

There's a thundercats-related poll to determine the most ironically cool icon at ironicicons.blogspot.com. Panthro is at risk to be beaten out by "Rocket Robin Hood". Feel free to weigh in.