Wednesday, May 17, 2006


To be honest, I haven't followed Houston as closely as I did last year, but I have to say I'm confounded by how poorly they've fared against the Giants in games 1 & 2 of this series. As I write, game 3 is going on. Seconds ago, Ray Durham hit a three run homer (shortly after Omar bunted himself to first), putting the Giants ahead 6-1. Is it even remotely possible that the Giants could humiliate the Minute Maid girls three nights in a row? Wait a minute, in the same inning, Feliz just drove in Steve Finley from 2nd. 7-1. Wow, maybe by the time I finish this post, San Francisco will be once again in double digits.

I missed last night's game, but learned from the loudmouth guy and his sidekick on KNBR that Bonds got beaned good. Drama ensued. Callers into the show displayed an exceptional level of vengeful stupidity, demanding that the Giants return the favor by beaning a bunch of guys tonight. Yes, I think that the Bush solution will improve affairs and raise the glamor of baseball to new heights. Why don't we just give batters the authority to race toward the mound and break their bats on the offending pitcher's skull? I mean, why should pitcher's get all the fun? And brains exploding in the wake of a power hitter's blow would make for awesome highlight reels. Let's face it, baseball is a pretty bloodless sport (the most blood I've seen this season was a zoom shot of the blister on Carlos Zambrano's middle finger -- what a warrior!).

Okey dokey, I'm going back to the isolated fantasy world in which San Francisco blows into foreign towns and leaves teams whimpering in their wake. Go Giants!

[UPDATE] Whoa. Pedro Feliz's 8th-inning 2-run homer put the Giants in double digits. Um, for the third night in a row. 10-1.

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