Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm wondering...

When will the league stop walking Barry Bonds? While it's obvious he can still get a hold of one and hit it a long ways, he's been very normal this season.

Bonds has 17 intentional walks, and Albert Pujols, the best hitter in baseball, has all of six.

Can't help but think some of that is due to Moises Alou's absence from the lineup. Whereas it was always debateable in the past how much any hitter could protect Bonds and get him more chances to hit, now I believe it is necessary for the Giants to have a good hitter behind Bonds not only to get him more chances to hit, but to get him better pitches to swing at in his at-bats.

Still can't figure out why the league pitches to Phat Albert, though.

On the bright side of things, our main man Pedro Feliz is finally making enough offensive contribution to warrant a spot in the batting order. He's run his OPS over 700, thus I will leave him alone for a little while.

It's funny -- the Giants had a chance to win the series vs. the Dodgers earlier today and failed to do so. If they had, it'd have been easy to say that it was a great series win and move one, but since they lost, all I can think about is the fact that it should've been a sweep barring the miracle comeback on Saturday.

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