Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The New Movement

Seeing as how just about every other Giants blogger that I read on a regular basis loathes the very essence of all that is Alex Sanchez, like I do, it seemed a good time to change a small portion of that thar sidebar -- a portion that used to be dedicated to the "Get Jason Ellison More At-Bats than Marquis Grissom!" campaign, an undeniable success.

(and now that Elly has fallen back to Earth at a speed that would make planet-smashing meteors jealous, it seems a good time to take that off)

So, now I reveal the new Campaign Title: The Count-Up of How Many Days Late Brian Sabean is in Letting That Useless Hunk of Protoplasm Alex Sanchez Go.

Let me explain things. Firstly, it's not a countdown to Sanchez' departure, it's a count-up of the days since Brian Sabean first should've let Sanchez go -- which, oddly enough, was the same day as Sanchez' first game in a Giants uniform on June 24th, where he came into the game as a pinch-runner.

The count-up shall begin at 19 days and ascend upward from there. Each day the count rises, Sabean looks even more silly for keeping this limp fish on the roster.

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