Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is "Correia" Swahili for "Loud Contact"?

Just wondering.

And, while I'm at it, is "Miguel Cabrera" Spanish for, "Get used to it, Giants fans, because I'm going to wear out your pitching for the next 15 years or so"?

Just wondering.

Correia has to, I dunno, stop giving up long home runs. It's bad, I think. Three in his last start, two in this start -- perhaps Woody isn't long for the bullpen after all. The worst thing is, Correia's struggles will just goad Brian Sabean even more into trading some youth for some mediocrity.

And as far as Cabrera...just getting this guy out in any way has got to be considered some kind of bonus. On the Giants, he'd be 3rd on the LF/3B depth chart behind Edgardo Alfonzo and Pedro Feliz. Sabes would probably think, at 22 years old, that Cabrera could use another 10 or 12 years of seasoning.

UPDATE: Corriea finally got Cabrera out, but then had to make up for it by giving up another homer to Juan Encarnacion. Everybody sigh with me, now.

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