Friday, July 15, 2005

So It Resumes...

Due to me sleeping off a killer headache, I saw nothing of the Giants 4-3 victory over the Dodgers last night, so I can't darn well say much about the game, other than perusing the boxscore:
  • Jason Schmidt didn't have a bad game.
  • The Giants bullpen was solid, other than an excusably bad outing by Scott Munter. I say excusable because he's been pretty damned good thus far -- he had to capilulate to the inevitable sooner or later and have a poor outing. Hey, how come nobody ever says that something is "evitable"? Things are always "inevitable", aren't they?
  • Despite the overall good performance by the pitching staff, the Giants still had to have their bacon saved by an unlikely-at-best (or, perhaps it was "inevitable"?) 3-run home run by Omar Vizquel. I'm not even talking about Vizquel's lack of home run power, per se, I'm talking double-unlikely because it was an 0-2 count on Omar when he hit the homer...Vizquel isn't the kind of hitter that's still swinging freely when he's down in the count like that. He's usually all arms and wrists in that situation, but I guess he found a way to get "both cheeks" into that swing, as Kruk would say.
  • This bullet point is really unneccessary, but it feels like I'm cheating you guys by only putting up three non-informative bullet points before this. It does however, give me the "inevitable" opportunity to say, Dodgers suck! Oh yeah, baby! Oh. Yeah. Baby.

I'm going to attempt to start something new starting...uh, whenever I feel like it, really, but hopefully on Monday. I'm going to have a Giants Link of the Day, which will be, oddly enough, exactly what it says. It could be a story on a Giants blog, from a sports website, a player statsheet that has an oddity to it, a Giants-related get the idea. Some of you, I know, get around so much that this will end up being superfluous, but I'm sure a few of you will be able to make use of it.

Chances are I'm going to do one for the Royals, too, because I know how happy that makes most of you. Hey, they won a game yesterday, too!


Jefferson said...

Schmidt wasn't bad, but he wasn't great, and he was definitely lucky. The Penny play saved his ass.

Munter was unlucky, thanks to that weird hop that got past J.T. Snow.

It was just a weird game all around.

Daniel said...

Thanks, Jefferson. Weird game, eh? Well, weird year.

Nick Schulte said...

I'm going to start using the word evitable as much as I can. Watch out!