Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Well, the Giants lost again, however...

...here's something to take your mind off of all that.

And she can drive, too, fellas! SHE CAN DRIVE, TOO!!!

Is she better looking than Orange & Black hotties Leeann Tweeden or Eva Longoria? No, not really. How about dreamgirl Jessica Alba? No, she falls short of that. Overall, really, she's just very cute, but not a big-time knockout.

But, like I said, she can drive -- and drive better than ALL of us. Yes, I'm talking to YOU, too, dude. I bet there are still guys out there who'd try and say that they could outdrive her or outrace her, despite her qualifying 4th for the Indy 500, finishing 10th in a race just a week or two ago, and took the pole at Kansas Speedway, eventually finishing 9th. She's tenth overall in the IRL standings.

But yeah, you could take her. Sure.

That driving factor is, admittedly, a large turn-on for me. Way more than it should be, but I don't think I care. And neither do you, do you?

I'm realizing it'll be difficult to make this a baseball-related entry at this point, but I really don't feel like trying. Just slobber a little and thank me later.


Cy said...

Yup...she is pretty darn cute. Wow, I actually brought myself to do a comment. Seems I should have said something sooner. I find myself drawn to your commentary, even though sometimes I grow tired of your pining over the Royals. Keep up the good work

Daniel said...

Lots of people grow tired of my pining over the Royals, Cy, but unfortunately I'm stuck with them -- which means all of my readers will occasionally be stuck with them, too.


Perhaps I'll just intermingle links to pictures of hot chicks whenever I post Royals content -- you know, it'll be like a treasure hunt. You'll have to read through the Royals stuff, but if you read closely you'll find the hot-chick-links.

Kevin said...

Sexiest. Woman. Alive.

She wouldn't be without the whole driving and kicking-butt-in-a-race-car thing, but that's like saying Greg Maddux wouldn't be a Hall of Famer if he didn't have a right arm. Danica Patrick rocks.

By the way, I'm pretty sure somebody's going to make a "blown gasket" joke somewhere in this thread. It just won't be me. Yup, I'm above all of that.

Daniel said...

Blown gasket? That's the best corny wordplay joke you can come with? Heh, Kevin, you are weak. Try this on for corny-ness.

My name should be ignition, because Danica turns me on!

Yeah, top THAT for corny.

Kevin said...

My name should be ignition, because Danica turns me on? That's so bad, it doesn't even qualify as a wordplay joke. If you're lucky, it'd fall into the category of top ten worst pick-up lines of all time.

Daniel said...

Alright, Kevin...this is one I've always thought genuinely amusing...

"I'm glad I got my library card, cuz I'm checkin' you out!"

There ya go. Can't complain 'bout THAT one.