Sunday, July 24, 2005

Elbow Strain. Sure. Whatever.

Alex Sanchez is finally done...I think.

He apparently was placed on the 15-day DL when Marquis Grissom was activated for an elbow strain.

Besides the idioticy of simply not releasing the buffoon, how could Sanchez possibly strain an elbow? The strain of not being able to catch a damn thing catching up to him?


Well, fine. As long as he's not around to tempt Father Alou to play him once every five days, I'll take it. The "The Count-Up of How Many Days Late Brian Sabean is in Letting That Useless Hunk of Protoplasm Alex Sanchez Go" Campaign will continue, however, until he is OFF the ballclub altogether.

Off, Sabes. Opposite of on.

For all of you who are worried that I may be obsessed with this, don't worry.

I am.

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