Sunday, July 31, 2005

Winn will they ever learn?

Note: It looks like Father Alou has jumped onboard with this silliness -- Winn will be the Giants everyday center fielder, which tells me I've been right on Sabean all along. He's been looking to replace Jason Ellison for a while (not a bad idea), and thought he had the opportunity to do that with Randy Winn (not a good idea).

As I've said, it's well-known and 1/2 that Winn has trouble in CF, but they're doing this anyway. Also, as O&B reader Aaron pointed out, Winn's leadoff pedigree is questionable, but I really don't see them putting Winn anywhere starting out except leadoff -- he's an outfielder with some speed and not much power, and those guys are leadoff hitters, period. Right?

At least, he is according to the Old Schooler's Guide to Lineup Construction, which ignores things like on-base percentage and walk rates, which for Winn really aren't too impressive.


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