Thursday, July 14, 2005

Leaving myself a reminder to remind myself doesn't work

Late, late, late.

I am remiss in putting up a quality link on that thar sidebar, and have cost dozens, perhaps millions of you the opportunity to check out a new, funky fresh blog I stumbled across courtesy of Aneel over at Trapped in L.A.

It's called Small Ball, and...hey, I just rhymed. It's called Small Ball y'all.

It's a one-two combo blog of H. Andrew Lynch and Erik Secker, who cover the Cubs, Giants, Nationals, and anything else that comes to mind -- including a fascination with pinching and an apparent maniacal dislike of the White Sox (which makes me like them all the more, of course).

The only two things I don't like is the feeling that they are both smarter than me, and the fact that their blog is prettier than mine. Which leads to feeling of fear. And fear leads to hate. And hate leads to suffering. And suffering...leads to the Dark Side. Just ask Yoda.

I bet Yoda reads Small Ball, too. As should you.

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