Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reality Bites

Kevin Correia isn't good. The Giants aren't good.

Not that either can't win or do well, but...it's just not as strong of a possibility as them being poor or mediocre.

Loud contact early and often, and early missed opportunities characterized yesterday's 6-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves. The Braves hit three home runs in the first three innings (none of them cheapies), and the Giants left eight men stranded in the first four innings.

Worst offender? Easily Pedro Feliz, who showed exactly why he isn't a middle-of-the-order hitter in looking lost and horrible at the plate vs. a starting pitcher in Jorge Sosa who, while having a good year under the tutelage of Leo Mazzone, has never done anything earlier in his career. Sosa does possess a very nice slider and changeup, however, and those pitches are all you need against Feliz, who is just unmanned by everything except fastballs and hanging breaking balls.

(and for all of you who are just itching to point out Feliz hitting a double off of Sosa, let me scratch that itch for you -- nobody was on base when he did it, so it hardly matters, eh? Perhaps he should've hit that double in his first two at-bats when six people were on base.)

It wasn't just Feliz, of course, but he's my posterchild for chastising for this game. Correia, as I alluded to earlier, must've been calling his pitches out to the Braves hitters before throwing them.

Kuip (with the call of the game): The windup from Correia, and here's the pitch...


Andruw Jones: I am going to hit this one farther than the one I hit last time, and I will puncuate the force of the contact by having the ball carom off of the foul pole, making a loud clang, shocking and dismaying the fans of San Francisco. (all said before the swing, of course, and probably said in Spanish)

One positive? Kirk Rueter came in and pretty much shut the Braves down. Another positive? Alex Sanchez' OPS has dropped below .700 with his 0-fer pinch-hit appearance yesterday.

Sanchez out, Todd Linden in. Say it with me now...


Andrew said...

Surely, after kicking Feliz when he was down last night, you'll give him some lovin' tonight, eh? :)

Daniel said...


I don't have much choice, do I? Feliz is Feast or Famine, but I do give credit and blame equally whereever I deem it necessary...unless it's giving myself credit or blame, then the scales tend to be a bit unbalanced. :)