Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Notes on Father Alou

Just a quick note to point out more oddities in our manager, Father Alou.
  • He uses four relievers in one inning on Sunday, switching everytime in attempt to get the lefty-on-lefty or righty-on-righty pitching matchup, even to the point of using bullpen stud Scott Eyre for only one batter, despite the fact that Eyre has suppressed righties as well as lefties this year. On Monday, he leaves LaTroy Hawkins in for an entire inning despite Hawkins having major issues, then puts in (and leaves in) Jason Christiansen in the 9th vs. the heart of the Cubs order -- which includes two right-handed power hitters in Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez. Right-handed hitters are batting .306 vs. Christiansen this year. Is anybody scratching their heads? No? Well, it worked out, of course.
  • Despite everything I expected, F. Alou did not play Marquis Grissom a 2nd day in a row in CF.

Today's game is already in progress, so while there are a bunch of positives from last night's game I'd normally point out, I'd feel kinda stupid if I pointed out those positives only to have the negative of a loss follow up this post within two hours. And I don't like feeling stupid.

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