Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sometimes I just love being wrong...

Woo hoo! I was incorrect! Inaccurate! In...not right!

I'm thinking Brett Tomko will have to pitch seven innings, at least, to keep the Giants in it. I don't anticipate them scoring more than three or four runs tonight

Yeah. Tomko pitched six innings, and the Giants scored eight runs. Looks like the rust and dust that was on the ol' Reverse Curse (tm) wasn't enough to stop it from working. Predict, expect, loudly anticipate the worst, and the reverse will happen. Gotta be careful with the Reverse Curse (tm), though, as it can only be used about once a month. Use it too often, and then you invoke the Vice Versa Reverse Curse (tm), which means that not only will the worst happen, but it will find a way to be worse than even you anticipated at first.

But anyhow, onto my plethora of wrongness:
  • Can somebody tell Tomko to...I dunno, stop throwing his fastball four times in a row to dangerous hitters? That's what he did to phenom Miguel Cabrera, and Cabrera smacked a bomb to centerfield. Somebody in the Giants blogosphere mentioned Tomko's stubbornness with his fastball -- he often seems to believe it unhittable, relying on it too much, then getting it roped somewhere as soon as he makes a location mistake. Oh, well.
  • Dontrelle Willis' trouble pitching in San Francisco continues. I had conveniently forgotten that he has never pitched well here -- when factored in with his two poor starts before yesterday's game, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised he had troubles.
  • Go figure. I beat up on Pedro Feliz, and the guy gets hot. This bears watching, as it could be an offshoot of the Reverse Curse (tm). Since I ragged on the guy on July 18th, he has gone 6 for 12 with three home runs, including one last night. He was all over the ball last night, pouncing as soon as something came into the zone. Nice. (now trade him while you have the chance, Sabean)
  • Edgardo Alfonzo with a nice comeback game. (now trade him while you have the chance, Sabean)
  • Well, on 2nd thought, I suppose one of those guys has to play third, huh?
  • Bullpen was again solid. LaTroy Hawkins is starting a little streak -- since coming off the DL and giving up a run in his first outing back on July 4th, Hawkins has pitched 7.1 innings without giving up a run, and only giving up three hits. His ERA has went from 5.79 down to 4.40. Neat.
  • .301/.381/.436 is the line that Ray Durham is currently running. Looks like he's back to form. (now trade him while you hae the chance, Sabean)
  • Speaking of Durham, he and Omar Vizquel hooked up twice something fierce last night for a couple of double plays that were really only single plays -- but given the calls that the Giants have gotten jobbed on in the week previous against the Dodgers and Braves, heck, they were owed those calls. I really wish Durham made four million per instead of over seven million, then I'd really want to keep him. He just makes too much money to miss 40+ games every season. That being said, he's on pace to play about 136 games this year, which would easily be the most he's played in one season in a Giants uniform.

I like how the top three hitters in the Giants order all didn't manage a hit, but drew a walk apiece (even...gasp!...Lance Niekro!).

Onto other things, Lefty was mentioning a trade rumour involving Merkin Valdez and Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings, who, besides sucking, doesn't have any discernible quality I can fathom. He does pitch for the Rockies, so let's see if we can find something in Jennings' road numbers over the last three seasons:

51 starts, 307 innings pitched, 331 hits, 213 strikeouts, 130 walks

No, I still don't get it. Jennings. Isn't. Any. Good. He's perhaps a decent #5 starter, and that's it. But, if the rumour was true (it apparently doesn't matter since Jenning's hurt his finger and is out for the year), then there really isn't a limit on how stupid Brian Sabean can be. Trade promising young talent for not-promising young-ish no-talent? Yeah, that makes sense.

I'm starting to hold no hope that Sabes will actually get good value in return for anyone he trades, and I have even less hope than that that he'll get someone...youthful. This would be another case where I would just love to be wrong, though...

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