Monday, July 11, 2005

Can we please, oh please get rid of Sanchez?

I mean, he missed a routiner yesterday, misplayed two other balls that were counted as hits but could easily have counted as errors, and while he's a great bunter and did garner three hits, he also failed to drive in a runner with men on 2nd and 3rd with one out (runner was thrown out at home), and with a man on 1st down by a run in the 9th with one out, he doesn't even move the runner into scoring position, striking out on a fastball around his neck. Three hits, yes, an RBI and a run scored, yes, but also two non-productive outs, one of which could have meant a tie game.

He's already made two errors in about 13 chances, but can easily have been charged with at least one, if not two more. I'll buy the sun getting in his eyes on the first one yesterday, but the liner that broke him down later in the game was imminently catchable for a competent outfielder, at least if that outfielder doesn't start crab-walking to the ball when he gets near it. And remember the error that was charged to Jason Ellison in Sanchez' first game where Sanchez was interfering in the play? He also misplayed a ball off the wall in that game, too, dropping it twice before he could get it back into the infield.

Admittedly, a lot of this extra angst is because I like Elly, and don't like Sanchez. His post-game comments after his very 1st game with the club simply backed up his behavior in Tampa. I don't care about any drug suspension -- he's just a jerk. I'd much rather see Michael Tucker in RF than Sanchez, seeing as how Tucker has a better arm than Sanchez, doesn't drop routiners most of the time, and has more ability at the plate (on-base ability and power).

Sanchez might be useful to some team. He's a great bunter, and does seem to be able to hit for average. He's fast...doesn't really seem to help him too much, what with his 68% career stolen base success rate, but still...he's fast. So let him go to another team and show off his wares -- he doesn't have enough ability to help the Giants in any way, and he's not better than any of the Giants current outfielders.

C'mon, Sabes, let the guy go. You tried, but I'm extremely tired of seeing this guy in a Giants uniform.


TJW said...

i pray daily that a train, car, or other gas/electric based vehicle crashes iinto his legs...

let us pray together that sanchez never walks again

Daniel said...

I'm just trying to scrape together enough dough to hire Tonya Harding to do another whack job on an athlete's legs, TJW.

That's all. Nothing too ambitious.