Saturday, July 23, 2005

Brian Sabean...Listen, & Obey

Another day, another screwed up play by Alex Sanchez. In usual Sanchez-style, he somehow avoids getting charged with an error, although he looked incredibly lost and stupid on the play. Both Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow believed it was an error, and it cost Brad Hennessey another earned run in the game, but nevertheless...

Hilarious stuff. Moises Alou makes a great diving catch one out later to end the inning, and Sanchez runs up beside him and puts out his fist to give Alou some credit for the catch. Very, very easy to tell -- Alou gave Sanchez the pound back grudgingly.

Sabes, look. I've told you 20 times already, this guy doesn't belong on this team. Your keeping him on the team is only making you look terrible -- it was already a bad enough decision in the first place, but you're compounding the error by not admitting it and hoping that he earns his keep.

Please stop, and think. Once you do those two things, it will become apparent what the right move is here.

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