Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Attention: Yes, that means YOU, too

Through the wizardry of modern technology and the strength of fingers, Andrew of Small Ball and I have given each other access to our respective sites, the better to enrich what is already very good into something even better.

I can't speak to what effect I'll have on his site, however. But I'll try. Honest. (ba dump crash!)

I kid. I joke. I perform lap dances for free, too, but none of you want to hear about my last visit to the hospital, so...

Onwards, forward, towards...THIS. It's my attempt over at Small Ball to call it all like I see it, y'all. The Giants' effort appalls, and while their won/loss record falls, Brain Sabean seems to just stall for time.

Sabes. Trade, waive, do something, man. Looking like John Kruk's brother with different color hair isn't enough anymore.

Look out for Andrew's posts in the near future. You could just read the name at the end of the post to see who wrote it, but after reading the first paragraph of the entry and realizing it makes sense, you ought to know it's Andrew and not me.

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