Tuesday, July 26, 2005

If you couldn't feel this coming, just peel your skin off. It's useless.


I'll forgive you if this freight train of a game, complete with myriad angles of payback and revenge, was something you...overlooked. I overlooked it a bit as well. Cubs. Giants. One team is Good Mediocrity on the verge of being Solid, the other is Bad Mediocrity on the verge of being Poor. Happens all the time, right?

Yes. Until Sunday night, that is.

No, it had nothing to do with the Giants loss to the Marlins. But it had everything to do with the Cubs win over the Cardinals.


This series was already trouble enough. The Cubs are better than the Giants to begin with. Their offensive is better than the Giants (hitting in a hitter's park helps, but still, they're better), and their pitching is much better than the Giants. They have an actual heart of the order -- you know, real 3-4-5 guys, instead of one aging ex-Cub trying to do everything, a 6th place hitter, and the 3rd-Place-Hitter-Du-Jour.

But when you really start adding up the personnel swaps: Dusty Baker, LaTroy Hawkins, Moises Alou, and Neifi Perez, there's a little bit of story behind the game.

Can any one of you, honestly, tell me that when Neifi came up in the 8th with the bases loaded and his team down by a run, that you did not think he was going to find a way to at least tie the game? Was the stage not set? Were the players not in full costume, playing their roles to the hilt?

Pardon me, everyone, I've got to take this annoying dagger out of my heart. Stings a little.

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