Saturday, July 09, 2005

Greatest Birthday Ever.

Giants lost, Royals lost, and to make matters worse, I had to go to Poker Night. After having my pocket aces cracked by ace/9, pocket kings cracked by queen/10, losing with king/10 to queen/10, and a few other all-ins where I was ahead pre-flop, I had to conclude...

...that despite being my birthday, it just wasn't my night. Of course, there isn't many night where it is my night, so I humbly remain the unluckiest poker player all of you know.

In regards to the Giants 3-1 loss, it being my birthday, of course, would you care to guess at which small portion of the game I saw?

If you guessed just enough of the 1st inning to see Larry Walker's 2-run water-bomb off of Jason Schmidt, then you know me well, and are correct.

I think the night would've actually been better if I had come home from work, gotten kicked in the balls, and went straight to sleep. It would've saved me the agony.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Love, Forever033