Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Objects in Motion

Hey, Daniel, thanks for inviting me to post on your blog. I promise not to use language that corrupts.

Watching last night's game was an experience in frustration, which had little to do with the game, actually. A friend was over, a friend oblivious to my zombie-like stare when a game I want to watch is on. He talked and distracted me through much of the game, stopping only long enough during the bottom of the 8th for me to watch an exquisite shot from behind the plate of Neifi's smoking line drive to center, right past Munter's (or was it Christiansen's) head. The slow motion they applied to the replay gave me the willies because it revealed how poorly the Giants infield was placed for this bases-loaded threat. Omar and Deivi, mouths agape, watched that rascally Rawlings blow by them. Little Neifi, why didn't you pull moves like that when you were a wee Giant?

So, that slo-mo line drive was one of the cooler objects in motion. Another was the 8th inning play by Omar, where he pulls one of Trinity's Wushu levitation tricks, hanging in the air to throw to 1st while Derek Lee of the planet Krypton dives into 2nd. Beautiful stuff. Do you think if Omar took steroids, he'd be a better hitter? That'd be cool.

Another great object in motion was actually several motions...the way Chicago small-balled Cedeno around the bases in the bottom of the 9th. That was well worth all the distractions. Thank you, Jeromy Burnitz.

So, did Felipe think that nuking the bullpen by trotting every one of them out was going to help his cause today and tomorrow? This could get embarrassing fast.

Oh, the biggest disappointment for me this series is Nomar Garciappara's absence. He's so damned good defensively. I'd have loved to see Omar and Nomar jockeying for the coolest infield plays.

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Daniel said...

Bad thing is, Garciaparra is whom I wanted Sabean to get instead of Vizquel -- I wanted J.D. Drew in right, Nomar at SS. The extra money they would've needed would've come from not signing Armando Benitez, and crossing their fingers, re-signing Dustin Hermanson, and giving him the closers job.

Also, I wanted money from not signing Mike Matheny and not re-signing Marquis Grissom to go to getting a decent CF (if Sabean had made all of my moves instead of the ones he made, I think he would've had around 5 mil/per to give to a CF - don't know who that would've been).

Such is the life of a blogger wishing he was GM. I'd be simply horrible at it.