Monday, September 04, 2006

Death in the Family

I hope that didn't sound too dramatic, but recently my truck died, causing my commute to lengthen by about an hour and for me to lose a bit of enthusiasm to write something on this blog after work...or even on my days off.

Looks like I should be picking up something this week, so my quality of life ought to improve enough from that to make writing something not be such a chore. I will acknowledge that the Giants got just hot enough that I suppose writing off the season isn't really possible, as they're only a couple games behind in the race for the wildcard...or, as I call it, the mildcard (none of the teams in the hunt for this spot are particularly impressive).

Oh, and if you value your sanity, don't buy Everquest. The nickname for that game is Evercrack, and that's not without reason.


Big D said...

My sympathies. Vehicle trouble is the worst!

Your blog is a must-read for me. Thanks for keeping up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dan, I hope everything goes ok and you get the stuff worked out with your truck. As always your blog is one of my favs.


Daniel said...

Thanks a million, guys, and as always I appreciate you guys sticking around and making me feel like I'm somebody (lol).