Thursday, March 16, 2006

A #4, Super-Sized with a 2003 Cabernet, please

I never showed you all any pics from the wine bus I partooketh of a couple of weeks ago, so...

Here are the highlights. I absolve myself of any responsibility for any drunkeness that is displayed in the following pictures.

Yes, you too can be a Mac Daddy, if you get them drunk enough.

And God shall call the Grapes of Wrath upon thee!

Yes ma'am, I'll need to look very closely to make sure there aren't any lumps...

Cooler smoke has never been blown.

Trust me, I was a lot drunker than I looked here.

Hotties. No coldies.

Lucky Luis, puttin' down game to all the fly cuties, as usual.

Yes, more hotties. Wine bus trips tend to attract them by the twos, apparently.

Felix and Jay being cool and easy, and Ed...wait, what the heck IS Ed doing, anyway?

What, did you think we WOULDN'T play poker afterwards?

So there you have it. Some pictures have been left out to protect the innocent (or was that the intoxicated?).


Anonymous said...

Is the first picture indicative of the m/f ratio on the trip? And, what happened to spitting the wine in the bucket after you taste it? It's almost as if these folks... hmmm.


Anonymous said...

On further review, I noticed the m/f ratio at the poker game seems to have increased dramatically. Tsk tsk.


Andrew said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Was this in Sonoma? Napa? A couple of friends of mine are getting married this spring and I'd love to get them a couple of tickets on the Drunk, um, I mean the Wine Bus.

On second review, that first picture looks like the cast photo from some kind of reality TV show. The blonde wino. The Mac Daddy. The potty-mouthed brunette. The playa. The jealous girl. The noisy drunk. The free spirit.

You could call it The Lush Life.