Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When is Wright wrong?

Well, right now.

However, I must congratulate Jamey Wright for having such a strong Spring and making the Giants team as the 5th starter. I mean, if the job was up for grabs (and apparently, it was), then he earned it.

But should it have been up for grabs? Yes. No. Maybe.

I believe the job should have been Brad Hennessey's to lose, which he may have done with a Spring ERA of 7.02. However, when I mean the job should have been his to lose, I mean the during the regular season, not Spring Training.

This seems like another one of those cases where Brian Sabean was just looking for an excuse to take an older veteran over the younger player. Nevermind that Wright has never pitched exceptionally well wherever he's been, and nevermind that although his time spent in Coors Field for the Rockies could have skewed Wright's numbers some, his road numbers weren't much good, either.

And what about Kevin Correia, who's Spring has been just as strong as Wright's?

C'mon now, he was never really in the running. Nevermind that the main two issues he needed to fix to become a much better pitcher (giving up gopher balls and cutting down on the walks) have both been addressed in his Spring outings -- he would have needed both Wright and Hennessey to pitch horribly to have a shot.

So, once again, Sabean pisses on the Giants future by going with a present that isn't any better, just older. I'm going to begin the Wright Watch, which will wonder weekly whether Wright will pitch well.


allfrank said...

Actually, I think this move strengthens the Giants future. Schmidt is very possibly gone next year. If Wright pans out, then we still have Hennessey, Correia, and the minor leaguers that step it up to compete for a spot next year. Hennessey clearly was not ready. He is better served to work on his command in AAA, not on a team we expect to contend for the title.
If Wright doesn't pan out, Hennessey is waiting, and hopefully improving, in Fresno. What's not to like?

Daniel said...

Hello, Frank. I don't like the following:

1) What success have the Giants had in yo-yoing players from Fresno to the bigs? None, really, so the "Hennessey/Correia will be waiting" theory doesn't pan out for me.

2) How was Hennessey not ready? His numbers in 2006 compare favorably with any of Wright's numbers from his entire career. Are you ready to disregard his many quality starts from last year off of one month of exhibition pitching?

3) What do you think it does to Hennessey's confidence, after holding his own for a season, to get sent down in favor of a journeyman with Wright's pedigree? Not an encouraging move, to be sure. I'm sure Correia can't be too happy, too, since he had as good a Spring as Wright but still can't make it.

My point is, Wright has had as many control problem thoughout his ~career~ as Hennessey has had just through Spring. Which would you bank on continuing? The trend from this Spring, or Wright's lifetime trend?

John Ryder said...

For our sanity, let's hope Wright Watch lasts no longer than Alex Sanchez Watch did last year.

Anonymous said...

5.46 ERA and 8-16 record last year... and some how this fag has a decent spring in the grape-nut league and we take him as a 5th starter.

holy shit... i cant wait to see him give up 5.45 runs per game while pitching for the giants... this is gonna be awesome