Saturday, March 18, 2006


Daniel runs a tight Giants ship over here, even though we get to occasionally see photos of him drunk on wine. So, to keep on topic, I'll mention that I watched with pleasure as Moises Alou played for the DR in today's kinda sorta interesting match between the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

What I really want to talk about is how much fun the World Classic has been. No, I haven't been to any games, but I've filled the lonely hours late at night streaming Classic games. As I write this, the final showdown between Japan and Korea is stalled by rain in the 8th, with Japan, well, shaming Korea 6-0, 5 of those from the top of the 7th. During this stall, I learned that Japan's manager, Sadaharu Oh, the world home-run leader, happily admits that if he had played in the major leagues, he wouldn't have hit nearly as many homers. Someone suggested that he'd have been in the 600+ club, with an outside chance in a 20-year career of nearly touching 700. Thank you World Classic for making information like that available to ignorant shmos like me. Makes me love baseball even more.

Daniel, have you followed the games much?

I loved Stephen Colbert's rant last week about team USA's wince-inducing defeat at the hands of Canada. Funny stuff. Is anyone else as irritated as I am by MLB's promotion of this as some sort of patriotic expression? Before you love your team, you love your country. Sure, yeah, whatever, dude. Does this mean that if I don't love "my" team, I can't vote in the next election?

Is spring training over yet? [tapping foot impatiently]


Pops said...

Please remember, our president is (or was) one of the owners, movers and shapers in MLB. You have to expect his brand of politics to invade anything that could steal credibility for his own purposes from the American people, or insist that 2 totally unrelated items prove American support for his policies. Sorry, he's such a big dick his name should be spelled "John Holmes".
Also, please note that the best native-born American players are hiding in the same place as other "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Daniel said...

Hey Andrew,

No, I haven't followed much other than the one whole game and two partial games I've watched -- those games provided me with all of the gossip surrounding the Classic 'til that point, but I haven't watched any games since the U.S. somewhat-stolen win from Japan.

I saw enough to realize that this is likely an event that's here to stay, poor timing of the event notwithstanding. There's some good baseball being played, the U.S. is obviously no large favorite, and everyone involved from most of the other countries (fans and players) seem to really be into it.

I can see some of these countries like China, Italy, and South Africa becoming competitive in another 10 years or so, as long as they keep at it and there is some real interest amongst the people.

From there, it can only of the few positive, good ideas that Bud Selig has been involved in. It'd be revolutionary if the NFL and NBA hadn't already done similar things 10 years ago.

TJW said...

I watched a few games while at work and the championship. I cant say i was into very much. I dont like clemens and since he was "americas" star, i had little to no love for the US.

As for the other countries. its a shame that SoKo got knocked out after 6-0 run. But thats baseball and when you make it like 1 and done it gets dicey. I am glad to see Japan win as Ichiro finally showed some emotion and got his team to play like a team.

But with out a doubt seeing the flawless pitching from other countries was awesome. I rad a stat this mornign that indicated that japan faced 250+ battes during the entire tournmanet and gave up a total of 11 walks...

thats fuckin fierce.

anyways i probably wont remember of this when July roles around and baseball is in full swing. But it was nice that somethign was on tv that had real baseball...

heres to seeing SF v Sea in June. I got my tickets already... hopefully i will get lucky and get the king felix v matt cain matchup.