Tuesday, June 06, 2006


If you were doing anything short of having mind-blowing sex instead of watching Jason Schmidt's 16-strikeout performance tonight vs. the Marlins, well...

...this would be one of the very few times that injuring yourself in anger would be appropriate. I only saw the last few innings and I'm pissed off that I missed the rest.

But that last inning was the most impressive, regardless. With men on 2nd and 3rd, up by a single run, and nobody out...let me repeat that...nobody out, Schmidt struck out the side -- including the Marlins uber-slugger Miguel Cabrera.

I'm just going to slowly simmer in the joy of seeing even part of that game. If there was anyone ahead of Schmidt in consideration for the Cy Young before this game, hopefully this game can even things up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Tim Lincecum, rhp, Washington
After being passed over for 40 rounds last year, Lincecum appears to be slipping several spots (but not rounds) in this draft. Due to his workload (125 IP, 199 K's) and small frame, he may be shut down for the year by whatever team drafts him.


sorry sorry... i had to get that out. But living up here in UW country, I have been hearing about him. He sounds like the real deal


Daniel said...

I've heard a few noises saying the same things, but I don't know enough to get excited myself...although that number of strikeouts in that number of innings is always impressive.

Better go do some research.

Jonathan said...

Jason Schmidt is the Sam Cassell of MLB. Congrats on his victory - We all knew that he was not going to choke in the end.

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