Thursday, June 01, 2006

One nod to yesterday's game

Jason Ellison finally gets start #2, and he goes 2 for 4 and cracks a homer. It means nothing, less than nothing, really, but it's still hilarious.

I lied. Two nods to yesterday's game: Jeremy Accardo is nasty, and the Giants ought to be thinking of a bigger role for him. No, not now, not after only 50 innings pitched in the bigs, but...soon.

Odd. I was hating the 'pen as soon as a month ago, and now I kinda dig it. Interesting that the 'pen now has several very good arms in it after Brian Sabean was forced to bring up some of the younger guys.

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Anonymous said...

I thought at the beginning of the season that it would be good to have Ellison on the bench, even if he just was available as a pinch-runner in late innings. He's a good defender, so I think of him as what Dustan Mohr did a couple of years ago.

I had no idea he'd literally rot on the bench even as other guys got hurt. He's another of those guys that we'll never know about, like Dallimore, Torrealba, and so forth. If they get regular playing time they might develop, if they're stranded behind Alfonzos and Sweeneys, they just abcess.