Friday, June 16, 2006

Sigh of Relief

Whew. Took two of three, and the towers have stopped falling.

Odd as it is with the Giants struggling as little as two days ago, poof! and they're streaking.

I really kind of mean that, too. There are a number of players headed in the right direction after rough starts this season:
  • Matt Morris is on. He's had three starts in June, and they've all been from competitive to very good. His line so far in this month: 23 innings pitched, 22 hits allowed, 4 bb's, 17 k's for an ERA on the month of 3.13. Much, much better.
  • I've heard plenty of people down on Ray Durham, but it's to the point now where those grumblings should stop. Durham's OPS in April was .527, but in May and June it's been .888 and .873. He's been his normal, fragile self this year already missing 19 of the team's 66 games, but can the team really trade him and find a way to get better? That is unlikely at best, I think. Oh, and just to remind you, I invoked the Jersey Mojo for Durham back on May 26th, and you are seeing the results of that now. Be thankful.
  • Pedro Feliz, lather, rinse, repeat. Horrible April with the .557 OPS, but a great May and June with a .900 and .931 OPS, respectively.

Now it's interleague, and the Giants have a slew of divisional games right afterwards, so it'd be nice to at least hold their current position for the next couple of weeks. The NL West is turning out to be the clusterfu-k that I thought it would be, with everyone within two games of the divisional leader, the (*dry heave*) Dodgers.


Anonymous said...

9/11 reference to a baseball slump? easy there buddy easy.

Daniel said...

What in the world made you think that was a 9/11 reference? That expression has been around for quite a while...buddy.

Therefore, easy there yourself, and thanks for stopping by.