Thursday, April 12, 2007


The only thing I'm hoping to get out of this year at this point, with the Giants running a 2.2 runs/game average, is that the Giants find a new general manager. Brian Sabean has been so exposed over the last couple of years -- he's basically rode Barry Bonds throughout his tenure here, and made two blindingly brilliant moves to acquire Jeff Kent and Jason Schmidt.

I'm just tired of seeing Sabean's teams -- he seems incapable of learning from his mistakes, and keeps making the same tired moves to fill roster spots -- over the hill veterans whose best years are behind them, yet who somehow command top dollar here because of "savvy" and "experience" and other things that just do not win baseball games day in and day out.

Talent wins, savvy helps.

I never thought I'd see the day where Royals baseball would be more palatable than Giants baseball, but that day has arrived. The Royals will lose a lot of games this year, too, but they'll be young and exciting while they do it. The Giants will lose a lot of games being old and tired, emulating the team-building methods of their GM.

Well, enough rant for today -- I'm going to keep tuning in because the Giants are an addiction for me, but it's going to feel a bit like poison until some changes are made. I'll hope for sooner rather than later.


MarcoPolo said...

he's basically rode Barry Bonds throughout his tenure here, and made two blindingly brilliant moves to acquire Jeff Kent and Jason Schmidt.

Don't forget Ellis Burks (and for D Hamilton, no less!). The trio of Bonds, Kent and Burks was the only time in over a decade that 3 guys with real pop were in the Giants lineup.

Daniel said...

Ellis Burks was a very good one, indeed, but I hesitate to call it blindingly brilliant because Burks' tenure in San Francisco was not a long one, nor did he play full seasons because of his knee problems.

Kent and Schmidt were moves that contributed to Giants' winning teams over several seasons.

In addition, I think we can all agree that hitting before/after Bonds in the lineup while he was in his heyday did nothing but good for the hitters lucky enough to be in those positions, so I would attribute a degree of Burks/Kent's success to the effect that Bonds had on how opposing teams pitched to the Giants.

Hey, thanks for the comments, and take care.

Anonymous said...

Signing Vizquel. That's the only other move I can think of. The rest has all been shite.


SonDog said...

It's funny, because that's the web address for my blog:

I am very tired of Sabean and his steadfast refusal to allow young players to have an opportunity. And by "young," I don't mean the 31-year-old Pedro "I can't learn how to hit" Feliz or Todd "I was a prospect years ago" Linden or Lance "I'm fucking ancient now" Niekro.

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