Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Praise Be to the Law of Averages

Just acknowledging the win -- it's there, it happened, and we'll hope for more. We'll also hope that Armando Benitez finds his way onto another team...but a couple of side notes to the aforementioned 6-5 squeaker:

  • The Royals won, too, with Alex Gordon, a.k.a Oh-My-Garsh-Please-Save-Our-Franchise v.2007 belting his first homer, and Zack Greinke, a.k.a Oh-My-Garsh-Please-Save-Our-Franchise v.2006 pitching the way he's capable of against a pretty potent Toronto Blue Jay lineup. Yay.
  • And in Milwaukee, the attendance was 19,031. Unremarkable, you say? Perhaps, but if you knew that those fans weren't there to see the Brewers but an Indians-Angels game that was only announced 24 hours before the game was scheduled to play, you might change your tune. Let us collectively tip our hats to the people of Milwaukee, who apparently sat right down and got right behind Cleveland, rooting and doing slo-motion waves. Oh, and the Indians won, too.

So yesterday was special, and today...well, isn't yesterday. But Noah Lowry is starting today, and Russ Ortiz isn't, so letteth hopeth springeth eternal...eth.

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