Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Did I Say Rough? I Meant Painful...

I wonder how long it'll take the Giants this year to realize that what they've put together isn't going to work...and had no chance. Wagers, anyone?

The only team in the league that has scored less than the Giants is a team that's played four less games, and there's only one team with a worse run differential than the Giants.

The Giants are not only starting the season losing six of their first seven, but they're doing it within the division, so it's even more damaging than normal.

Bright side? Well, starting pitching. Barry Zito, while of course not worth anywhere near his salary, isn't going to continue to be this bad. Sooner or later Brian Sabean will realize that it wasn't Ramon Ortiz but RUSS Ortiz that he signed, and then he'll do the right thing and cut him loose (nevermind that Ramon Ortiz isn't any good either, but at least he wouldn't walk a hitter in batting practice, which Russ seems very capable of doing). Sabes will then make a sensible move, like going ahead and throwing that 5th starter spot to Kevin Correia or Brad Hennessey, neither of whom would be great but both of whom would be loads better than Runs Ortiz...er, Russ Ortiz.

But we've danced that dance before, haven't we? Sometimes Sabean could teach stubborn lessons to rocks...but even the rocks would have given the 5th starter job to one of those two already, and especially not in favor of a guy who had an ERA the size of Vermont and failed to even luck into a single win last year...

...ahem, nevermind. If I wanted to rant about Russ, I should've done it when the team acquired him. Crying, spilled milk, etc.

Dark Side? I'm trying to figure out a scenario in which the Giants don't hit the least amount of home runs in the National League by a large amount, and failing miserably. I'm going on record as saying I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants hit less than 141 home runs as a team this season, which would mean they'd be worse than the worst team in the NL last season, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

To supplement lack of power usually means you have to do it with team speed, but the Giants had the distinction last season of stealing the 2nd least amount of bases last year, only beating the Atlanta Braves -- who didn't need the stolen bases, as they hit the most home runs in the NL in 2006.

Here's to hoping Dave Roberts not only can duplicate his number of steals last year (49), but can also duplicate his number of unsuccessful steals (6) last season as well. The Giants will need every, single one.

The comparison to the '88 Baltimore Orioles start isn't apt, of course, as the Orioles went 21 games before winning one. The Giants have won a game already, and there's no way they'll end up at 1-21, right?


Anonymous said...

the pitching has looked good so far, with the exception of RUNs Ortiz. Hopefully zito can turn it around. Lowry and Cain look like a nice combination and Morris, though horribly overpaid has put together two good starts and might be the only pitcher on the giants staff with 2 wins after tonite (while the rest are still stuck on 0)

it all comes down to run support...which we have shit nothing of. I dont know maybe its just me, but having one great hitter who only has one good leg, can only do so much damage.


Daniel said...

The offense is all a bunch of ifs, TJ -- if Durham can come close to last year, if Feliz is no worse than last year, if Aurilia can come close to those Reds offensive numbers, if Klesko can be something like his former self...oh, and if Bonds...

...well then, yes, the Giants would have a bit of offense then, but otherwise, count on the season being a 162 game search for runs.