Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lemme guess...

This'll be another weird season. I can feeeel it in my bones, I can.

...wait, nevermind. That's my osteo kicking in. Drat these inflexible joints of mine!

As far as weirdness in this young season thus far, I'll give the briefest nod to what's becoming a plain and simple fiasco around Barry Bonds, but quickly move past it -- yes, it's weird, too. Let's consider the path to their current record of 6-3, though:
  • Rainouts. Here in the Bay Area, yes, but let's remember that one cancelled game and yesterday's rain-delayed game were in Southern California, not Northern.
  • The Giants have been outscored 48-41 despite sporting the winning record.
  • The only three Giants who have hit any are Moises Alou, Randy Winn, and Omar Vizquel. Well, Todd Greene, too, but he's only had nine at-bats. Almost everyone else has been atrocious, and while Bonds has drawn some walks and hit a few balls hard, he hasn't produced anything tangible.
  • Continuing in the same vein as the previous comment, the Giants offense has been horrible.
  • Noah Lowry went on the DL after not even lasting two innings in his first start of the season.
  • For the most part, the bullpen has been awful.
  • Jamey Wright has pitched much better than either Matt Cain or Jason Schmidt through two starts.

While I'm sure a few people might think I'm trying to see the dark lining around the silver cloud, I assure you I'm not -- I'm just seeing this little run as a house of cards, and there's some guy staring at it and looking an awful lot like he wants to sneeze.

Everything wrong about the team right now is fixable, though, so I'm hoping some of those issues work themselves out before the Giants luck does.

Still, 6-3 beats a kick in the ass anyday, and twice on Sundays. But it's a weird 6-3.

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