Sunday, April 30, 2006


...was nice on a few different levels.

Four wins vs. two losses for the Giants against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Although two of the wins came in dramatic fashion after the Giants ended up having to get over and past D-Back rallies, they do count.

Some notes:
  • The Giants are 1-3 without Bonds, and they are 1-2 in games where Bonds homers. The latter is semi-uselss information, but the former will be something to keep an eye on later in the year.
  • A bit odd, but despite the offensive struggles, the Giants are 6th in the NL in both batting average and on-base percentage. However, they are 3rd to last in team SLG percentage, so it's pretty easy to see where the problem lies. Moises Alou is just about the only guy homering much, although Barry Bonds is heating up -- but that's pretty much it (they're also 3rd to last in home runs hits as a team, and dead last in doubles hit as a team). Less singles, more extra-base hits, Giants. Chop chop!
  • By the way, two teams less powerful at the plate than the Giants? The San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers. This division isn't very good, I think, although both those teams play in a pitcher's park.
  • The, lead the double plays hit into. This, in large part, is because the Giants are 3rd in the league as far as ground ball/fly ball ration at 1.42. They just hit a lot of ground balls as a team, and thus are much more susceptible to the double play.
  • The Giants are dead last in the league in p/pa (pitches per plate appearance) at 3.56, so it's easy to surmise that they are the most impatient team in the league. Possibly associated with that number is that the Giants strike out the least in the NL -- a lot of it may have to do with the fact that they just don't see enough pitches to strike out.

The umps have blown yet another important call against the Giants, as a big-time run-scoring opportunity went by the boards after a check-swing by Bonds was appealed and called a swing, thus making it strike three against Bonds, and also wiping out Kevin Frandsen at 3rd base -- he was trotting into 3rd base thinking Bonds had been issued a walk.

We'll just have to see if this call ends up being as important as the other two missed calls were.

Update: Is it just me, or is Jeff Fassero looking very much done? The Giants have had another rally fail, once again because of their tendency to hit ground balls. With runners on the corners and nobody out, Mark Sweeney hits a ground ball that Bonds couldn't score on, and got caught in a rundown. Then with runners on 1st and 2nd after that play, Mike Matheny hits into an inning-ending double play.

And to just round this game out, Pedro Feliz has twice grounded out after only seeing one pitch.

If you neeed me, I'll be vomiting over in the corner.

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