Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things to look for: 4/11 vs. the Astros

Call me crazy, but I think the Giants stand a great chance of sweeping the Astros if they manage to score more runs than Houston in each of the three games in this series. If they can't do that, it might be difficult.

Stuff I'd like to see:
  1. A little separation in Matt Morris' k/bb ratio. While his last start was pretty good, striking out and walking hitters at a rate of about four per nine innings won't cut it for too long. Also, I'm hoping he's a little more efficient -- he left his last start at the 104 pitch mark while only getting through six and 1/3 of an inning.
  2. A bit of offensive consistency. Guess the significance of the following numbers: 513, 590, 255, 284, and 455. If you guessed those were the OPS's of Pedro Feliz, Randy Winn, Ray Durham, Mike Matheny, and Mark Sweeney, then you deserve a prize. You won't get one, of course, at least not from me, but you deserve one nevertheless. I'll keep my fingers crossed...for the Giants offense, not your prize. Go find someone else's fingers to cross for that. Or cross your own. Lazy bum.
  3. The bullpen, if they are used, to be mediocre. Because mediocre would be an improvement. Once we get to mediocre, then we can worry about them being decent, or serviceable.
  4. $500 in my wallet. Hm. Didn't work this time, either.

The offense will have to come against Taylor Buchholz, whose name sounds an awful lot like this one pitcher for the Astros I've never heard of named Taylor Buchholz. Must be a coincidence.

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