Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things to look for: 4/12 vs. ....the weather

I make valiant attempts to not be a moron, yet seem to do it with alarming regularity.

Writing any previews about Giants home games right now are just plain silly, as the constant rain in the Bay Area that simply will not cease for any appreciable length of time is rendering it all moot.

So far this year, we've had more rain here than the Pacific Northwest, and we've smashed the 100 year year-to-date record for rainfall from 1904. I can see why the Northwest has a higher suicide rate than than the rest of the country. Makes you want to scream at the sky.

As the rain is slated to continue towards the end of the week, my speculation on what the Giants might or might not do are even more useless than they normally are.

If you're thinking the rain is depressing me, you're wrong. If you think the rain stopping baseball from being played is depressing me, you're right.

Ah well.

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Jefferson said...

The Giants record on the year stands at 4 wins, 3 rainouts and 2 losses. Yeesh.