Monday, April 10, 2006

Play like Roy Rogers and sllllooooww down...

While many whose blood pressure is high and patience low might want to read something into the Giants 4-2 start, I am not one of those (my blood pressure is high and my patience very low, but the last part of that statement is like, totally not me).

By way of explanation:
  • The Giants are 4-2 having been outscored by their opposition 34-36
  • The Yankees are 2-4 while outscoring their opposition 35-23.
  • Milwaukee's 5-1 while barely outscoring their opposition 23-21.
  • The Marlins are 1-4 despite being even in runs scored and allowed, 21-21.

While the Pythagorean standings tend to mean something with a large enough sample size (this formula measures a team's expected record given their runs scored and runs allowed in comparison to their actual record), in any given five to ten game stretch, it's meaningless. There are those who want to be optimistic because of the 4-2 start vs. two teams who are generally viewed as contenders in Atlanta and San Diego, while there are those who want to shoot that optimism down because the Giants haven't been dominant.

Hey! It's only been six games, people. Simmer down thar!

In the same vein, all of the whispers about Barry Bonds' apparent lack of prowess are just premature...ejaculation. Sorry, had to say it -- we all know most folks out there want to see Bonds fail in some way, shape, or form, be it failing a drug test, failing health, or failing at the plate.

Not that it isn't possible he could be in the process of limping Over the Hill on that gimpy knee (everyone, supporters and haters alike, seem to only occasionally remember that at 41 years of age he's just old for baseball) , but let's all wait for a few more than 17 plate appearances, alright?

Other things I've prematurely noticed:

  • Lance Niekro has more walks (3) than strikeouts (2). Don't give him anymore at bats! I want to bask in the glow of fleeting plate discipline...
  • Jim Thome certainly is trying to dispel any doubts about his remaining prowess, eh? Four homers already, at a clip of a homer every 7.5 plate appearances. No, he won't hold that pace, of course, but playing at the NASA launch pad disguised as U.S. Cellular One Field won't exactly hurt, either.
  • The Braves have allowed the most runs in the majors, with their opponents scoring 7.5 runs per game on their pitching staff. It's just great fun to say that, even if I know it won't last.

Oh, and I just wanted to admit my error in assuming the Giants wouldn't bring up Kevin Correia in response to possibly putting Noah Lowry on the DL. I was right in figuring that if Lowry was going to miss more than a start or two that it would be a callup, but just assumed the Giants wouldn't give Correia a chance despite his strong Spring.

Don't mind being wrong in this case, and at least the team showed some consistency in their approach -- Jamey Wright won the 5th starter's spot because of his Spring showing, and Correia has gotten the callup for the same reason. It looks like Correia's first start will be against the Dodgers on Tax Day in Los Angeles.

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