Friday, April 21, 2006

Offensive Goodness


Pedro Feliz is having himself a game -- three hits, three at-bats, two home runs, four RBI. The first one was very nice, as he simply took a get-it-in-there fastball over the plate in a 2-1 count over the fence in left-center field. Working the count in your favor cannot help but put you in positions for these things, I think.

The second was Feliz turning on a pitch on the inside, ending up in a line-hugger that had some good distance on it. Both homers were of the two-run variety. Neat.

Jason Schmidt, however, is looking like just another dude out there on the mound...his fastballs have to be well located nowadays, what with his velocity usually settling into the 91-93 range and them looking as hittable as they do. The breaking ball is working well tonight, but he isn't really throwing it much. He's thrown his changeup even less.

UPDATE: Didn't I tell you all Father Alou ain't never scurred? Bases loaded, on out in the 9th inning up by two runs, and Felipe calls on just-activated Armando Benitez.

The skipper's got those big brave balls, I tell ya.

UPDATE, VERSION 2.0: Benitez gets a guy to fly out, scoring one run on a tag-up, then promptly allowed an oppo base hit in an 0-2 count to allow the tying run to score. Very next hitter, 0-2 count again, and 'Mando again allows a base hit, this time to let the winning run to score.

Armando, what the fuck are you doing around the plate in an 0-2 count?


Felipe, put those big brave balls away for a game or two, and next time don't bring in your fresh-off-the-DL guy right into a high-pressure situation. Really, it's stupid.

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