Thursday, February 24, 2005

All About the Sidebar

Sidebar. Updated. Go. Look. Click. Link. Enjoy.

Give 'Em Some Stankeye is a blog that just started, and hit the ground running. John Ryder is the giver of Stankeye, and should you cross him, I believe you will be the receiver of Stankeye.

Stankeye. Rich Aurilia was one of the best at giving a pitcher the stankeye, 'specially after a high, tight one that knocked Richie to the ground. Richie would get up, dust himself off, refasten those damned batting gloves of his for the 112,622nd time in the at-bat while glaring lasers at the pitcher, and again assume his batting stance somehow managing to look just like a set, ticking bomb under the 1:00 mark. Dangerous, in a word. Kruk likes to say Richie's batting average after getting knocked down by a pitch was something like .800.

But I digress. Give 'Em Some Stankeye is written in this fine tradition, and it's good. I am still trying to figure out if John really does like A.J. Pierzynski, though, and if he actually does, whether or not I should try and give him the stankeye because of it.

Only Baseball Matters is a well-established blog, written by John Perricone. He is an impassioned writer, which I suppose we all are, but he seems a bit better at articulating his arguments than most. Read his articles on steroids and you'll see what I mean. And before you roll your eyes at more steroids articles, listen to my main point -- John not only makes clear, concise points about the issue, but manages to make it fresh and interesting despite all the glut of steroid-related articles out there. It really is a good indication of his talent.

Did I just get through an entire paragraph without making a wisecrack?


John Ryder said...

Oh, you better believe I love A.J. Maybe it's the way he terrorized the A's in the 2002 ALDS and made Terrence Long go off whining to the media about it, as if Long had done anything to merit criticizing another player. Or maybe it's the way he so flagrantly acts like a jerk on the field and does stuff to get under other players' (and his teammates', no less) skin. With all due respect to Stan Conte's crotch, I think he's aguy the Giants should have brought back instead of overpaying Matheny.

Daniel said...

You know, I never liked A.J. much, but I won't let my bias get in the way of saying that if I had a choice of signing him for...what was it, 2.2 million?...or signing Matheny -- well, I'd be wearing a protective cup, but I'd also be signing Pierzynski.

I'm in the why-couldn't-you-have-just-let-Yorvit-have-the-job-and-used-those-extra-millions-to-get-Nomar-instead-of-Vizquel camp, really, but Matheny...I mean, Brent Mayne plays very well defensively, can't hit a lick, and is well into his 30's, too, but you notice the Dodgers didn't invite him back, eh?